The Technicians of Madness Motorcycle

All of the people below contribute in some way to providing terrific service to keep your motorcycles humming down the road.

Marty Bortle – 

Another “damn Yankee” having grown up in the Upper Peninsula area of Michigan, Marty sprouted up working on motorcycles back in the ‘70s.  Marty and his family have resided in Elgin, SC since the mid ‘90s.

A 22-year Army veteran, Marty never gave up his love for, nor work on, motorcycles throughout his military career, covering a lot of territory while deployed in Europe and various duty stations stateside.

Previously co-owner of B&S Cycles Inc. out of Florence, SC back in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, Marty went into semi-retirement to pursue a more quiet routine in finance and then retail sales.  The pull of wrenching on motorcycles never far from his being, Marty began providing some H-D technical know-how to several fledgling techs, until deciding to apply his technical expertise nearly full-time here at Madness Motorcycle beginning back in 2015.

Scott Hendricksen – 

Another transplant, Scott originally hails from southern California.  Having originally come to us as a customer, now Scott brings a set of spare hands and another set of eyes to our staff at Madness Motorcycle.  He also provides us with a great deal of comic relief.

Scott’s true vocation is that of a USMC member, having never really wanting to give up the hot spots around the world.  He's served with various organizations in several capacities since leaving the Corps.  Over the past few years, Scott has decided that maybe that particular career path should be left to those under 50 and so has directed some of his efforts to looking into a more sentient career path.